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N/O L'Atalante (France)
Builder: N/A
Commisioning: 1989
Owner: Ifremer, France
Maintained and operated by: Genavir, France
Classification Bureau Veritas I3/3E classification, , open sea, ice II, AUT-PORT, oceanographic research
Official number: BR 732 996 K
N° MMSI 227 222 00
Length overall: 84,60 meters
Overall Width: 15,85 meters
Draught: 5,1 meters
Load displacement: 3.550 tons
Gross tonnage: 3.559 UMS
Stabilization passive fuel tank
Crew: 17 to 30 depending on type of mission
Scientific party and operators on board 30 people without an accommodation container *
33 people with an accommodation container *
*: on some cruises, a doctor and/or 2 students maximum can come aboard
Average operating cruising speed and survey speed: 11 knots
Maximum trial speed 15,3 knots
Submersible supported: Nautile
Home port: N/A

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