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N/O Nadir (France)
Builder: Auroux shipyards
Commisioning: 1974
Owner: Ifremer, France
Maintained and operated by: Genavir, France
Classification Bureau Veritas
Official number: BR 282844 P
N° MMSI 227 222 00
Length overall: 55,75 meters
Overall Width: 11,91 meters
Draught: 4,68 meters
Load displacement: 1.857 tons
Gross tonnage: 1.142 UMS
Crew: 15 - 17 (depending on configuration)
Engines: 4 main engines Baudoin DVX 12 - 600 CV (1.125 rpm)
2 line shafts with variable pitch propellers
1 auxiliairy propelling Gill jet - 440 kW multidirectional thrust engine (360°)
Scientific equipment Sounder EA500 - 12 kHz - Simrad
Base ultra courte Posidonia - TMS (base seule)
Weather station POMMAR - Météo France
2 "wet" laboratories under hangar with 220 V UPS, fresh, sea water, compressed air
Sites for 12 laboratories or workshops containers 20 ft
Deck Equipment Swinging stern A-frame In mobile position (launching and recovery of vehicles or gear) with 22 t SWL block-rigged jack
Lifting jack with soft line - SWL 22 t
Crane - UMC 3 tons at 15 meters - 15 tons at 3 meters
Travelling bridge under hangar - UMC 3 tons
Travelling platform UMC 30 tons
Towing winch UMC 3 tons
Capstan UMC 8 tons
Various jib booms and outboard arms to deploy the Nautile
Navigation and positioning Integrated navigation computer - CINNA
Navigational computer and electronic mapping Sodena Turbo 2000
Differential GPS receiver NR 51 - Sercel
Differential GPS receiver NR 109 - Sercel
2 gyrocompasses SGB 1000 - Brown
Electromagnetic log calypso - Ben
2 meteofax receivers Taiyo TF 733
Radiocommunications Station SMDSM - Sailor
Station Inmarsat B ABB Nera
Station Inmarsat M ABB Nera
Itineris 8 W
Submersible supported: Nautile
Home port: N/A

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