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Nautile (France)
Owner: Ifremer, France
Maintained and operated by: Genavir, France
Commisioning: 1984
Working depth: 6.000 meters
Weight (for a dive to 6.000 meters): 19,50 tons
Dimensions: Length 8,00 meters
Width 2,70 meters
Height 3,81 meters
Manned sphere: Crew 3
Inside diameter 2,10 meters
Material Titanium alloy
Portholes 3 (120 mm in diameter)
Power from lead batteries: Capacity at 6.000 meters 37 kWh in 230 V
6,5 kWh in 28 V
Pitch and trim control adjusted by mercury pump: ± 8°
Main propulsion: One adjustable axial thruster
Longitudinal displacement speed 1,7 knots
Radius of action at 1,5 knots 7,5 km
Auxiliary propulsion: 2 vertical thrusters
1 transversal thruster forward
1 transversal thruster aft
Autonomy (working on seafloor): 5 hours
Remote manipulation: 1 manipulator arm with 4 degrees of liberty (+ claw open and close)
1 manipulator arm with 6 degrees of liberty (+ claw open and close)
Hydraulic units: 2
Communications: Undersea telephone while diving
VHF transceiver at surface
Equipment: 1 altitude sounder
1 sediment sounder
1 panoramic sounder
2 colour 3-CDD video cameras
2 still cameras with 300 and 600 J flash
Two 650 W iodine flood lights
Five 400 W HMI flood lights
1 data acquisition and navigation unit
1 sampling basket
Scientific equipment payload: 200 kg
Safety: Additional life support 120 h
9 emergency pyrotechnic devices
1 emergency locating device
Mother Ship: Nadir
Home port: La Seyne-sur-Mer, France

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