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HMAS Sydney

HMAS Sydney
General Details
Nationality Australian
Pennant No. D-48
Type Leander Class second group, light cruiser
Builder Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend on Tyne, England
Laid Down 8. July 1933 (as HMS Phaeton, pennant no. I-48)
Launched 22. September 1934 (as HMAS Sydney), by Mrs Bruce, wife of the Australian High Commissioner, United Kingdom.
Commissioned 24 September 1935
Fate Sunk by HSK Kormoran, west off Australia on 19. November 1941
Displacement 6.830 tons (standard). 8.815 (full load)
Length 169,1 meters
Beam 17,3 meters
Draught 4,9 meters (standard). 6 meters (full load)
Main armament 8 x 6-inch guns
Secondary armament 4 x 4-inch guns
Light Armament 3 x .50 (inch) machine guns
12 x .303 (inch) Lewis Guns
Torpedo Tubes 8 x 21 inch torpedo tubes (in 2 quadruple mounts)
Aircraft 1 x Supermarine Walrus
Engine Type 4-shaft Parsons single-reduction geared steamed turbines.
Horsepower 72.500
Endurance 7.000 nautical miles at 14 knots.
Speed 32,5 knots, standard. 31 knots, full load.
Fuel Type Oil (capacity 1.837 tons).
Wartime 645
From 24 September 1935 Captain John U. P. Fitzgerald, Royal Navy
From 9 October 1937 Captain John W.A. Waller. Royal Navy
From 16 November 1939 Captain John Augustine Collins, Royal Australian Navy
From 14 May 1941 Captain Joseph Burnett, Royal Australian Navy
The Wreck of HMAS Sydney Found

The wreckage of the HMAS Sydney was found by the search team on board the SV Geosounder at 10:03 (AWDT) on 16. March 2008. The wreck site is located off the west coast of Australia, northwest of Perth, in the approximate position 26° 14’ 37” S 111° 13’ 03” E. The depth of the wreck site is aproximately 2.468 meters and the wreck is located 12,2 nautical miles from the wreck of HSK Kormoran.

The initiative for the search that led to the finding of HMAS Sydney was taken by The Finding Sydney Foundation. Search Director was David Mearns who is known for the finding of the British battlecruiser HMS Hood.

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