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G7a T1

G7a T1 (Torpedo)
Torpedo Characteristics
Date Of Design About 1930
Date In Service About 1938
No. of weapons installed Bismarck: Never had torpedoes installed
Tirpitz: 2 banks 533 mm quadruple mountings installed from autumn 1941
Weight 1.528 kg (3.369 lbs)
Overall Length 7,186 m (23 ft. 7 in)
Diameter 533 mm (21")
Explosive Charge 320 kg (661 lbs) Hexanite
Range and speed 6.000 m (6.560 yards) at 44 knots
8.000 m (8.750 yards) at 40 knots

14.000 m (15.300 yards) at 30 knots

Power Decahydronaphthalene (Decalin) wet heater
Ammunition Inventory 24 Torpedoes (only on the Tirpitz)
Notes: The 44 knot speed was found to overload the engine and was not used during the early years of the war.
German Torpedo Designations
German Torpedos were designated as to their diameter, length and propulsion. Modifications were usually, but not always, denoted by "T" numbers.
Diameter: "F" = 450 mm, "G" = 500 or 533 mm, "H" = 600 mm and "J" = 700 mm.
Length: To the nearest meter.
Propulsion: "a" = wet heater, "e" = electric, "u" = hydrogen peroxide.
G7a T1 (designation explained)
The designation G7a T1 means that the torpedo was 533 mm (21") in diameter, was about 7 meters long, used wet heater as propulsion and it was the original design.
It was never installed on Bismarck
This type of torpedo was installed on Tirpitz from autumn 1941.

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