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Links to other Warship Websites
Fishers, Armor Warships and Games Page
Grant Michaud
Very interesting site with a large amount of details about warships of WWII. Furthermore you can find the complete details about German naval guns. Besides that, the website contains some very interesting informations about armor and military games. New section about the battle of Jutland and the ships involved. Highly recommended website. English languaged.
Aircraft Carriers, Battleships and Cruisers
Manas M. Iksanov
Almost 14.000 high quality images of aircraft carriers, battleships and cruisers available on CD. English languaged.
Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of World War II
Jan Visser
The Netherlands
Very well designed and interesting site with lots of info about the Dutch Navy of WWII. English languaged.
Naval & Military History Page
Chuck Hawks
This website has some very interesting background informations. English languaged.
Total Warfare on the Internet
Jonathan Butler
This website have a lot of informations about the US, Japanese and German Navies as well as major naval battles and personalities of World War II. English languaged.
Military Naval Technology
Heinz-Gerhard Schöck
Heinz-Gerhard Schöck have made a very highly recommended website about the evolution of military naval technologies from the beginning of the last century to the end of world war II. English languaged.
Nihon Kaigun - Imperial Japanese Navy
Jon Parshall
The ultimate website about the Imperial Japanese Navy. English languaged.
Ariga's Warship Photo Gallery
Jarek Skapski
Beautiful website with a large photographic gallery of warships. Be patient as it takes a while for the pages to be loaded due to the photographs. Polish and English languaged.
Battlecruiser Yavuz / Goeben
Aziz Evliyaoglu
Interesting website about the battlecruiser S.M.S. Goeben, later renamed T.C.G. Yavuz. English languaged.
Takaatsu Fukuoka "Mike"
Rengo-Kantai means Imperial Japanese Navy (Fleet). Mike have made a website were you can see and enjoy photographs of some fantastic warship models that he have made. Mainly Japanese languaged website. A minor part is in English and it is easy to navigate to find what you're looking for.
Battleships Carriers And All Other Warships
Guy Derdall / Tony Digiulian
One of the most comprehensive websites about warships on the internet. English languaged.
All the World's Battlecruisers
Bob Henneman
Excellent website about the battlecruisers and their time and place in history. English languaged.
Ron's Submarine's Covers
Ronny Saxe
Great and unique website showing covers as well as photos and details of submarines. English languaged.
Arjun Sarup
Very nice website about warships in the Indian Ocean. Also a sister website dealing with aircraft can be reached from here. English languaged.
Joop Jaspers
The Netherlands
Great website about a very special and very interesting submarine and its career of 27 years in the Dutch navy. English languaged.
World War 2 Cruiser Operations
Mike Russell
United Kingdom
Very nice website about the cruisers serving in WWII and their operations. English languaged.
Blue Water Navies
Lynne Berry
Huge website with lots of informations about warships in the past and today. Also latest naval related news can be found here. English languaged.
World War 1 Naval Combat
Darren Milford
United Kingdom
Very comprehensive and well made website about the World War I naval combats. English languaged.
Naval History of World War Two
Peter Bobroff
Very interesting website with many reports and background information. English languaged.
Pazifikkrieg 1941-1945
Mario Golze
Great website about the war in the Pacific 1941-1945. German languaged.
Jean-Manuel Soumaré
Website for NAVYPLAN which manufacture and sell ship drawings. English languaged.
Danish Naval History
Johnny Erik Balsved
Excellent website about the Danish Navy and its history since 1801. Danish and English languaged.
Amerykañskie okrêty liniowe typu Iowa
Sławomir Lipiecki
Amerykañskie okrêty liniowe typu Iowa
Excellent website about the USS Iowa Class battleships. Polish languaged, but later an English languaged version will be available.
Model Ship Construction
Aleksander Isaenko
Model Ship Construction
Interesting website from where you can buy ship drawings, ship models, books and other ship related stuff. English and Russian languaged.
Den's Model Ships
Dennis Holmes
Den's Model Ships
Wonderful website where Dennis shows his fantastic handcrafted scaled wooden 16, 17, 18th century model warships. All are scratch built.
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