Bismarck & Tirpitz


Links to Other WWII Related Websites
Langer Heinrich
Markus Titsch
Great and very well made unique website about a famous crane used in Wilhelmshaven before, during and after WWII. Langer Heinrich is a big crane which was used to built Admiral Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and Tirpitz. On the website photos of Tipitz can be seen together with the crane Langer Heinrich. The crane is still in use, but now in Italy. German languaged.
Battleship Bismarck Drawings
Nick Fox
The best drawings of the Bismarck ever made are now available for ship modellers and others interested in obtaining high quality drawings of the famous ship. You can order the drawings in the scale you wish. These drawings are also ideal to be framed and placed on a wall. Visit the website for more information.
Third Reich Factbook
Marcus Wendel
This very interesting site has information about Germany and the German military during WWII. You can't find this sort of information at many other places.
Naval & Military History Page
Chuck Hawks
This website has some very interesting background informations.
Total Warfare on the Internet
Jonathan Butler
This website have a lot of informations about the US, Japanese and German Navies as well as major naval battles and personalities of World War II.
Military Naval Technology
Heinz-Gerhard Schöck
Heinz-Gerhard Schöck have made a very highly recommended website about the evolution of military naval technologies from the beginning of the last century to the end of world war II.
Mei 1940
Rene Kuperus
The Netherlands
Website with a lot of interesting WWII related links. Dutch, English languaged.
World War II, a British focus
Robert Cull
Robert Cull have made a very interesting website about mainly the British army. Additionally you can find memories of people involved in WWII, a discussion forum and a lot of military links to other websites.
Kampania Wrzesniova 1939
Bolek Rosinski
Nice website about the Polish army, navy and airforce, the invasion of Poland etc. and later also about the German and Russian military at the time of the invasion of Poland. Polish and soon also English languaged.
World War II Newspapers
Javier Sandoval
Javier have made a very interesting website as he deals with the newspaper articles published duing WWII. I know that Javier works hard to expand and improve his website. Try visit his website as maybe you can find something of interest or maybe you can help him with some material.
Parabellum: Polish-German conflict 1939-1945
Maciek von Wrobetzki
Very well made website about the Polish-German conflict 1939-1945. Polish languaged.
A data base for thousands of topics from A to Z
Glenn Whitener
Website with thousands of links, many of them ship related.
Malta in World War II
Tim Addis
Brilliant website with tons of information about Malta during World War II.
WWII's Kilroy Was Here
Patrick A. Tillery
WWII's Kilroy Was Here
WWII and Korean war Secrets. Unknown stories revealed and places rediscovered. Personal stories of combat, the home front, legends, Gremlins and foofighters.
Norway during world war 2
Kurt Monsen
Excellent website and discussion forum which deals with WWII issues related to Norway. Norwegian and English languaged.
Frank de Clercq
Interesting website about World War II. Flamish languaged.
Steve Farrugia
Brilliant website about Malta dealing with, among other things, lifestyle, culture and history, featuring, but also WW2 accounts, WW2 diary, photographs, listings etc. English languaged.
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