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Armstrong Whitley A.W.38 Whitley

Armstrong Whitley A.W.38 Whitley
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Medium Bomber
First Flight 17 March 1936
Entered Service Early 1937
Crew 5
Notes 1 . 814 built. 5 Versions. Data for Mark V
Powerplant Two 1 . 145 hp Rolls-Royce Merlin X inline piston engines
Speed 370 km/h. Cruising 338 km/h
Range 2 . 414 km
Service Ceiling 7 . 925 m
Wingspan 25,6 m
Wing Area 105,63 m²
Length 21,49 m
Height 4,57 m
Empty Weight 8 . 777 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 15 . 195 kg
Guns Four 0,303 inch machine guns in powered tail turret. One 0,303 inch machine gun in nose turret
Bombs etc 7 . 000 lb of bombs in internal bay
Mk I Initial production model
Mk II As Mk I; 845 hp Tiger VIII engines
Mk III Power operated nose turret and new bomb racks
Mk IV Rolls-Royce Merlin IV engines; Power operated tail turret
Mk IVA As Mk IV: Two Merlin X engines
Mk V Lengthened tail-section; re-designed fins and rudders; increased fuel capacity
Mk V Freighter Mk V conversion as civil freighters
Mk VI Project only
Mk VII Coastal Command maritime reconnaissance version with ASV Mk II air-to-surface radar