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Fairey Firefly

Fairey Firefly
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Carrier based recon, fighter-bomber
First Flight 22 December 1941
Entered Service 1 October 1943
Crew 2
Notes Details for F.I. The Firefly saw action against the Tirpitz and in the Pacific theatre.
Powerplant One 1.730 hp Rolls-Rocye Griffon IIB inline piston engine
Speed 509 km/h at 4.265 m
Range 2.092 km
Service Ceiling 8.535 m
Wingspan 13,56 m
Wing Area 30,47 m²
Length 11,46 m
Height 4,14 m
Empty Weight 4.423 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 6.359 kg
Guns Four 20 mm cannon in wings
Bombs etc Eight 60 lb rockets or two 1.000 lb bombs
F. Mk I Initial production model
F.R. Mk I Modified Mk I; ASH radar
F. Mk IA F.Mk I conversion to F.R. Mk I standard; ASH radar
N.F. Mk I Night-fighter version; F.R. Mk I conversions; Exhaust shrouds
N.F. Mk II Night-fighter version; Lengthened nose. A>I. Mk 10 radar
F.R.6/A.S.6 Post-war variants