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Handley Page Hampden

Handley Page H.P.52 Hampden
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Medium Bomber
First Flight 21 June 1936
Entered Service September 1938
Crew 4
Notes 1.432 built. Type retired in 1943. No power turrets, all guns operated manually. The thin cross-section made it almost impossible to change crew positions. It was capable of catching and destroying the superior Messerscmitt Bf 110.
Powerplant Two 1.000 hp Bristol Pegasus XVII radial Piston engines
Speed 409 km/h at 4.205 m; Cruise 269 km/h
Range 3.034 km with 2.000 lb of bombs
Service Ceiling 5.790 m
Wingspan 21,08 m
Wing Area 62,06 m²
Length 16,33 m
Height 21,08 m
Empty Weight 5.343 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 8.508 kg
Guns Two forward firing 0,303 in machine guns with twin 0,303 in machine guns in dorsal and ventral positions.
Bombs etc 4.000 lb bombload
H.P.52 Hampden prototype
H.P.53 Hereford prototype
Mk I Initial production model
T.B. Mk I Torpedo Bomber version; One 18 in torpedo plus two 500 lb bombs, Mk I conversions
Mk II Two Mk I conversion with 1,100 hp Wright Cyclone engines
Hereford 1.000 hp Napier Dagger VIIIS engines, 9 converted to Hampdens