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Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax

Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Heavy Bomber
First Flight 25 October 1939
Entered Service November 1940
Crew 7
Notes Developed in response to Air Ministry Specification P.31/36.Details for B. Mk III. Where the Lancaster was in the main a single role target destroyer, the Halifax was the multi-role aircraft of Bomber Command
Powerplant Four 1.615 hp Bristol Hercules XVI radial piston engines
Speed 454 km/h at 4.115 m. Long range Crusie 346 km/h at 6.100 m
Range 1.658 km with maximum bomb load
Service Ceiling 7.315 m
Wingspan 31,75 m
Wing Area 118,45 m²
Length 21,36 m
Height 6,32 m
Empty Weight 17.345 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 29.484 kg
Guns One 0,303 in machine guns on flexible nose mount, four in dorsal and tail turets
Bombs etc. 13.000 lb bombload
Prototypes Four 1.280 hp Rolls-Royce Merlin IX engines
B. Mk I Series I Initial production version; Merlin X engines
B. Mk I Series II Stressed for extra weight; Merlin X engines
B. Mk I Series III Increased tankage; Four Merlin X or XX engines
B. Mk II Series I Increased tankage. Merlin XXS or XXII engines with 4-gun dorsal turret
B. Mk I Series I (Special) & Series IA Merlin 22 engines; dorsal turret; One .303 in Vickers K gun in persplex nose
B. Mk II Series II Merlin 65 engines
B. Mk III Prototype Hercules XVI engines, One Mk II conversion
A. Mk III Mk III conversions to glider-tug
C. Mk III Mk III conversions to transport
Mk IV Project only
MK V Modified Mk II; Built in Series I. IA and Series IA (Special) corresponding to Mk IIs eries; Some converted to maritime and Ground reconnaissance
C.MK VIII variants 1.675 hp Bristol Hercules 100 engines
B. Mk VI Modified Mk III; increased tankage; filters; 1,675 hp Hercules 100s
C. Mk VI Mk Vi conversions to transport
A. Mk VII Glider tug version
B. Mk VII Final bomber version; As Mk VI but Hercules XVI engines
C. Mk VII Mk VII conversion to transport of 24 troops
C. Mk VIII Transport version 11 passengers
A. Mk IX Post war variant