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British Aircraft Involved - Bombers

Short S.29 Stirling

Short S.29 Stirling
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Heavy Bomber
First Flight 14 May 1939
Entered Service August 1940 with No.7 Squadron at Leeming
Crew 7-8
Notes Details for Mk III. Excluding the Mk V transport the RAF received 2.221 Stirlings.
Powerplant Four 1.650 hp Bristol Hercules XVI radial piston engines
Speed 435 km/h at 4.420 m
Range 950 km with 14.000 lb of bombs, or 3.235 km with 3.500 lb
Service Ceiling 5.180 m
Wingspan 30,20 m
Wing Area 135,63 m²
Length 26,59 m
Height 6,93 m
Empty Weight 19.595 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 31.751 kg
Guns Eight 0,303 in machine guns (tow each in nose and dorsal turrets, four in tail turret)
Bombs etc 14.000 lb of bombs
Mk I Initial production; four 1.595 hp Hercules XI engines
Mk II 1.600 hp Wright Cyclone engines
Mk III Revised dorsal turret
Mk IV Glider-tug/paratroop transport; nose and dorsal turrets deleted
Mk V Unarmed transport; 5 crew and 40 Troops or paratroops
Silver Stirling Civil transport