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British Aircraft Involved - Fighters

Grumman G36 Martlet

Grumman G36 Martlet
Nationality American
Aircraft Type Carrierborne fighter
First Flight September 1937
Entered Service 1940?
Crew 1
Notes ?
Powerplant One 1.200 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-86
Speed 512 km/h at 5.913 m; Cruise 250 km/h
Range 1.240 km
Service Ceiling 10.637 m
Wingspan 11,58 m
Wing Area 24,15 m²
Length 8,76 m
Height 3,6 m
Empty Weight 2.624 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 3.607 kg
Guns Six forward firing 0,5 in Browning machine guns with
Bombs etc Two 100 lb bombs under wing
Wildcat II As MkI, folding wings, 2 additional guns
Wildcat III Modified II: catapult spools, 60 lendlease
Wildcat IV FAA equivalent of F4F-4, two additonal wing guns. 200 lendlease. Manually folding wings
Wildcat V FAA equivalent FM-1. 370 lendlease
Wildcat VI FAA equivalent of FM-2, 1.350 hp wright engined, new fun and rudder