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Vought F4U-1 & F4U-2 Corsair

Vought F4U-1 & F4u-2 Corsair
Nationality American
Aircraft Type Fighter
First Flight May 1940
Entered Service 1 June 1943
Crew 1
Notes 2.012 Corsairs served with the RAF and FAA.
Powerplant One Pratt and Whitney R-2800-8 2.000 hp engine
Speed 515 km/h at sea level; 631 km/h at7.315 m
Range 2.514 km
Service Ceiling ?
Wingspan 12,49 m
Wing Area 29,17 m²
Length 9,99 m
Height 4,58 m
Empty Weight 4.025 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 6.280 kg
Guns Four 20 mm cannon
Bombs etc ?
Corsair I FAA equivalent of F4U-1. 95 lendlease. additional armament
Corsair II FAA equivalent of F4U-1, raised cockpit hood. 510 lendlease
Corsair III FAA equivalent of F3A-1. 430 lendlease. As FAU-1
Corsair IV FAA equivalent of FG-1. 977 lendlease. As F4U-1