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Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina

Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina
Nationality American
Aircraft Type Patrol/Bomber flying boat
First Flight 28 March 1938
Entered Service Early 1941 with RAF Coastal Command
Crew 7-9
Notes 650+ in RAF/FAA use. Various PBY-5 desinations and models.
Powerplant Two 1.200 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-82
Speed 322 km/h at 1.737 m. Cruise 185 km/h
Range 3.049 km
Service Ceiling 6.584 m
Wingspan 31,7 m
Wing Area 130,06 m²
Length 19,45 m
Height 5,76 m
Empty Weight 7.893 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 15.145 kg
Guns One 0,5 inch in nose and turret, two 0.5 inch in beam blisters
Bombs etc 4 depth charges, two torpedoes or four 1.000 lb bombs
Catalina 1 RAF designation of PBY-5; Amphibious , tricycle undercarriage
Catalina 1A RAF designation for PBY-5 all to RCAF
Catalina 1B As Mk IA
Catalina II As MK I, NAF built
Catalina IIA RCAF version of PBY-5
Catalina III RAF designation for PBY-5, 12 lend-lease
Catalina IVA Raf designation for recon PBY-5, 97 lend-lease
Catalina IVB RAF designation for PB2B-1 some as Asr; 193 lend lease
Catalina VI OB2B-20; 50 lend lease to RAAF
Catalina GST USSR designation.