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Fairey Albacore

Fairey Albacore
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Torpedo Bomber
First Flight 12 December 1938
Entered Service 15 March 1940
Crew 3
Notes 800 Built. replaced from 1942 by the Barracuda and Grumman Avenger, Although remained in use past D-Day with the RCAF
Powerplant One 1.130 hp Bristol Taurus XII radial piston engine
Speed 259 km/h at 1.370 m; Cruise 187 km/h at 1.830 m
Range 1.497 km with 1.600 lb weapons load
Service Ceiling 6.310 m
Wingspan 15,24 m
Wing Area 57,88 m²
Length 12,14 m
Height 4,32 m
Empty Weight 3.289 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 4.745 kg
Guns One forward firing 0,303 in machine gun in starboard wing with 2 Vickers K in rear cockpit
Bombs etc One 1.610 lb torpedo, six 250 lb or four 500 lb bombs
No Variants