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Fairey Barracuda

Fairey Barracuda
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Torpedo and dive bomber
First Flight 7 December 1940
Entered Service Spring 1943
Crew 3
Notes Details for Mk II. The Barracuda was plagued from the start because it was overweight and its structure just could not handle the pressures put upon it. Type remained in service until 1953.
Powerplant One 1.640 hp Rolls-Royce Merlin 32 inline piston engine
Speed 386 km/h at 535 m without torpedo
Range 1.851 km without bombs
Service Ceiling 5.060 m
Wingspan 14,99 m
Wing Area 38,46 m²
Length 12,12 m
Height 3,73 m
Empty Weight 4.907 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 6.464 kg
Guns Two 0,303 in machine guns
Bombs etc One 1.620 torpedo or up to 1.640 lb of bombs, mines, depath charges or mines.
Mk I Initial production model; 1.260 hp Merlin 30; three blade propeller
Mk II Prototype Single Mk I conversion
Mk II Main production model; unrated engines; Four blade propeller; A.S.V. MkIIn radar
Mk III Prototype Single Mk II conversion
Mk III Modified Mk Ii torpedo-reconnaissance version; A.S.V. Mk X radar
Mk V Post war development