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Fairey Swordfish

Fairey Swordfish
Nationality British
Aircraft Type Torpedo Bomber
First Flight 17 April 1934
Entered Service July 1936
Crew 2
Notes Details for Landplane version. Nicknamed the Stringbag by its crews. The Swordfish was the last biplane in Royal Navy service. This aircraft is most famous for the daring Taranto raid! 2,391 were built, Left service on 21 March 1945 although some remained in service for years afterwards.
Powerplant One 750 hp Bristol Pegasus XXX radial piston engine
Speed 222 km/h at 1.525 m; Cruise at 193 km/h
Range 1.658 km
Service Ceiling 3.260 m
Wingspan 13,87 m
Wing Area 56,39 m²
Length 10,87 m
Height 3,76 m
Empty Weight 2.132 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 3.406 kg
Guns One forward-firing 0,303 in machine gun synchronized with one Lewis gun on Fairey high-speed mounting in aft cockpit
Bombs etc 1.610 lb torpedo or eight rockets or 1.500 lb of underwing stores
T.S.R. II Prototype
Mk I Initial production model; Pegasus IIIM3 engine
Mk II Modified Mk I; Strengthened lower mainplane for eight 60 lb rockets; Pegasus IIIM3 or XXX engine
Mk III Modified Mk II; A.S.V. Mk X radar
Mk IV Mk II conversion; enclosed cockpit for use in Canada