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HMS D.64 Fencer

HMS Fencer (D.64) (Attacker Class)
General Details
Nationality American-British
Type Escort Carrier
Builder Western Pipe & Steel Corp., San Francisco. USA
Laid down 5 September 1941
Launched 4 April 1942
Commissioned 20 February 1942
Fate Ex-CVE-14
Ex-AVG-14 Croatan.
Ex merchantile unnamed
Acquired (USN), 1 May 1942
Lend/lease to UK, 27 February 1942
Redesignated (USN) ACV-10, 20 August 1942
Redesignated (USN) CVE-10, 15 July 1943
Returned to USN, 11 December 1946
Stricken, 28 January 1947
Sold for mercantile service in 1946
She was sold in 1950 ( together with the "ATHELING'" ex "CLACIER ", by the Maritime Commission and purchased by Achille Lauro of Napels for the Italy-Australia service. The "FENCER "was moved from Jacsonville for stripping, and then went to SA Navalmeccanica Cantieri, Napels, where she was converted to a passenger ship and renamed "SIDNEY ". She was given a enormous supperstructure. She had accomodation for 92 first and 666 tourist class passengers. The gross tonnage was increased to 14.708.
The "SIDNEY"commenced service in 1951.
In the winter of 1958-1959 she was modernised at Genoa, 119 first class, 994 tourist class.
In February 1966 she made her last voyage to Australia and in 1968 took her old consort's name, "ROMA"after that vessel was scrapped in december 1967. She was placed under the Aterhusa SpA of the Lauro group and was employed on cruising. Laid up in La Spezia in october 1970, sold in December, "CALAXY QUEEN", jointly owned by Cosmos Tours and Sovereign Cruises, Cyprus.
In 1973 moved to Greek Flag, G. Kotsovillis and renamed "LADY TINA". Arrested in Genoa on the writ of the French Government, alleging that the costs of modernisation carried out at Toulon had not been paid. Released she became the Mediterranean cruise liner "CARIBIA 2" butt still continued to suffer machinery trouble. She arrived in La Spezia in september 1974 to await scrapping.
Sold for scrap in September 1975
Standard 10,200 tons
Full Load 14,400 tons
Ballast Approx. 300 tons low in ship to offset added top weight
Lenght (waterline) N/A
Lenght (Overall) 495.67' or 492'
Beam 69.5'
Draft 25.5' or 24.67'
Flight Deck Length 466.67' or 465'
Flight Deck Width 78.45' or 75'
Height of flight deck above water 48'
Elevators etc Fore and aft;
9 hydraulic arrestor wires;
3 barriers abreast the island bridge structure.
Main Gun 2 x 5"/38 cal DP (2 x 1)
Heavy AA 16 x 40 mm Bofors (8 x 2)
Light AA 20 x 20 mm Mk 5 Oerlikons (20 x 1)
Air Search Type 291 ./44
Surface Search Type 132
Type 272 A/S
Type 86TBS aerials (111' above waterline)
Navigation N/A
Fire Control N/A
Fixed Wing Up to 20 could be operated. Up to 90 could be ferried.
Boilers 2 F.W. Type "D" 285 psi 577F or 4 Admiralty 3 drum
Turbines 1 Allis-Chalmers or Westinghouse steam 85 rpm Parsons geared
Shafts 1
Horsepower 8,500-9,350 shp
Endurance 26,340 nm at 15 knots (service)
23,664 nm at 17 knts
Fuel 3,459 tons
Gasoline Storage 196,091 gallons in 4 tanks (normally only 1 in use)
Speed 31 knots
Usual 908 Navy & Air Wing
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