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H.62 Faulknor (F Class)

H.62 Faulknor
General Details
Nationality British
Type Destroyer
Builder Yarrow, United Kingdom
Laid down N/A
Launched Jun.12/34
Commissioned N/A
Fate Flotilla Leader scrapped Jan.22/46 at Milford Haven
Standard 1,350 tons.
Faulknor 1,475 tons
Full Load N/A
Lenght (P.P) 318.25' (97m)
except Faulknor 332' (101.2m)
Lenght (Overall) 329' (100m)
except Faulknor 343' (104.5m)
Beam 33.25' (10.13m)
except Faulknor 33.75' (10.3m)
Draft 8.5' (2.6m)
8.75' (2.7m) (Faulknor)
Main Battery 4 x 4.7" (120mm)/45 cal QF MkIX (4x1) design
Faulkner had 5 originally
reduced to 2-3 x 4.7" (120mm)/45 cal QF MkIX in wartime
AA 8 x 0.5"/62 cal MG MkIII (2x4) design
replaced in most ships by 6 x 20mm/65 cal Oerlikon MkV (single and twin mounts)
1 x 76mm (12pdr) QF HA MkI added during wartime
Torpedoes 8 x 21" (533mm) (2x4)
reduced to 4 in most ships
AS 1 ATW Hedgehog 24 round mortar
2 racks for Mk.VIII 300 lb cannister depth charges
Air Search Type 291 Air Warning Radar (1944)
Surface Search Type 123A Asdic with Electric Gyro Compass
Type 271 P/Q Radars
Type 86TBS aerials
Sonars Type 127 'Sword' depth detector
Boilers 3 Admiralty 3 drum type w/superheaters
Turbines 2 Parsons geared steam
built by builder
Horsepower 36,000shp
except Faulknor 38,000shp
Shafts 2
Endurance 5,400 NM at 15 knots
Max Speed 35.5 knots
except Faulknor 36 knots
usual speed 31 knots
Oil Bunkerage 480 tons
Usual 145
Faulknor 175