Bismarck & Tirpitz

Other Craft Involved

Technical Data
Displacement 1½ tons
Length 7.65 m (25 feet)
Complement 2
Propulsion 60 V lead acid battery driving a 2 hp electric motor
Speed 4 knots
Range 29.6 kilometer (18.5 miles) at 4 knots
Armament One 1,300 kg (600lb) charge

Chariots were electrically powered two-man submersibles, very much like large torpedoes. Two divers sat astride the machines and delivered a powerfull bow charge to the target.

The Chariots were initially copied from an Italian SLC* salvaged at Gibraltar.

Early in 1942 the decision was made to build up a human torpedo force and seven months later the first four chariots were operational.

A month later, October 1942, they launched an abortive attack on the Tirpitz in Föttenfjord, Trondheim.

*Silura a Lenta Corsa: Slow Running Torpedo. Also called Maiale: Pig