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Admiral Graf Spee - Peter Behmüller
Model Data
Model build by Peter Behmüller, Stuttgart, Germany
Kit Manufacturer Scratch build
Scale 1:100
Additional Information The model have 30 special functions build in like:
Turnable 28 cm main guns.
Adjustable barrel elevation, 28 cm main guns.
Turnable 15 cm secondary guns.
Smoke generator in funnel.
Sirene for clear ship, ready for battle.
Music system on board with march and sailor music.
Construction time 2 1/2 years
Interessengemeinschaft "Reichs und Kriegsmarine"
Website of the modeller
Interessengemeinschaft "Deutsche Marine"
Website of the modeller
Website of the modeller
Description Peter Behmüller have three websites where you can see more photographs of beautiful models and also some very good links can be found here. German languaged. The website Marinemodell-Fotoarchiv is both German and English languaged.

Admiral Graf Spee - Peter Behmüller
The Model
Photographs: © Peter Behmüller